Cats available for adoption


Male DSH - 6 months old

Male Domestic Short Hair Mix Cat

Clyde is a full of character - He loves playing with water! His favourite game is splashing in his water bowl.

Fave food: Fresh cat mince & kitten milk 
He will let you know when its dinner time and great with his litter tray

Clyde is best suited to a home with or without other cats, An indoor only home, A home with their sibling (or bonded friend). He can be quite boisterous and playful so another male cat would be good for him

Clyde is fiesty & cute but he is also very affectionate when you get to know him!


Beautiful White 3 year old Female DSH

Zuri can be best described as Quirky and affectionate and STUNNING. She loves a cuddle and seeks attention when she sees the opportunity. The more you pat her, the move she LOVES it. She's definitely part Siamese or something. Her meow is JUST like an oriental cats meow.

Zuri likes to go outside but because she’s white, her sun exposure needs to be monitored. Skin cancer is a very real problem for white cats. She would be suited to a home on her own. She has no issues in being a solo cat.

She’s initially a little timid, but once you break through the fears of being in a new home, she will be a huge smooch!! She will seek cuddles and attention.

Please let us know if you’d be interested in an adoption trial with Zuri. It would be best to have an extended trial as she will take a couple of weeks to stop freaking out about the new surroundings.

If you’d like to help Zuri’s owner find her a safe and loving home, we would like to hear from you. Her owner is desperate for help and is not making the choice to advertise her for adoption lightly.

Please find the link to the adoption entity form below. If you can complete it, we will be in touch straight away.

Thank you!


Female DSH white cat - 3 years old.

Bela is energetic and has so much potential as a solo cat. One thing for sure is - She gets really excited at dinner time and will always give a quirky little mew along with an odd little jiggle of her tail - Its hilarious.

This quirky little girl is better off in a home on her own. She needs a bit of one on one TLC from someone special.

She really loves a cuddle and scratch behind the ears and she loves a cuddle in bed when its cold.

She'd be suited to a quiet home and as white cats can suffer skin cancer if exposed to too much sun, she is best to only be outdoors when its not too sunny.

Adoption trials are offered for all cats. Bela is best to have a longer trial as she may take a little longer to settle into a new environment and she needs to learn to trust you.


Male DSH - 6 Months old.

Sherwood is the most cuddly and affectionate out of his litter of 6. He's a striking dark Tabby and is growing up to be a very handsome boy!

He's particularly funny as makes Little sounds before going to toilet... adorable :D

Fave food: Everything, fresh cat mince, kitten milk & wet food pouches and will sing for his dinner

Sherwood is great with his litter. No mishaps here.

Fave game: Hide & seek, playing on scratch post

Sherwood is best suited to a quiet home, A home with or without other cats and preferably an indoor only home.

Complete the adoption enquiry form for a meet and greet with Sherwood!