Cats available for adoption


Female DSH - 18 months old

Daisy is a very loving and affectionate when she gets over her shyness. She is also very well behaved!

She has a special celebration meow she does when she finishes her dinner (=^x^=)

Fave Food: Literally anything, she loves eating. 
Fave Toys: She likes wands and toys that dangle, but she is also happy to play on her own with a ball. 
Suited to: A quiet home, She likes having people around but also seems okay when left alone. 
Personality Traits: Cuddly, Affectionate, Lap Cat, Doesn't like to be handled or picked up as she has to come to you for love.

Daisy has a lot of love to give but just needs some time and a bit of patience, she is so worth the effort! She was rescued along with her 2 siblings that were living under a car and were in danger of getting hurt. She took some time to socialise but she is now the perfect pet!


Male domestic medium hair cat.

Hugo is a real catch! Imagine a handsome man with charm - thats Hugo. Hence the name. His nickname is also Nugget. Not as charming but also fitting!

He's funny, cute and playful and loves hanging out with his 3 siblings Wilson, Lexi and Chunk.

Hugo is a confident cat. He has a bright future ahead of him and you will likely have the best companion in him. He sits by your side and loves to snuggle. He goes crazy over head pats, loves to eat, and is probably going to be a big chunky cat like his dad.

Hugo is ready for his forever home and will be de-sexed vaccinated and microchipped.

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Male domestic medium hair cat.

Wilson the 2nd - Named after his amazing daddy Wilson the 1st, is the cutest and cuddliest of his litter of 4. He just wants to be around you and will follow you absolutely EVERYWHERE. He can get under your feet while he is trying to get your attention. He wiggles his bum and tail like no other cat I've met - Its hilarious.

He loves to play, loves to cuddle and loves attention. This little man will be the perfect companion. His nickname is Spud!

His fur looks to be of a standard length at the moment but there is a possibility he could be a bit of a fluffy cat - But not quite medium haired.

Wilson is ready for his forever home and will be de-sexed vaccinated and microchipped.

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Female DSH white cat - 3 years old.

Bela is energetic and has so much potential as a solo cat.

This quirky little girl is better off in a home on her own. She needs a bit of one on one TLC.

She really loves a cuddle and scratch behind the ears but she doesn't quite know how to ask for it.

She'd be suited to a quiet home and must be an indoor only cat because she's white. White cats can suffer skin cancer if exposed to too much sun.

Adoption trials are offered for all cats. Bela is best to have a longer trial as she may take a little longer to settle into a new environment and she needs to learn to trust you.

One thing for sure is - She gets really excited at dinner time and will always give a quirky little mew along with an odd little jiggle of her tail - Its hilarious.