Frequently asked questions

What does it cost to adopt a cat or kitten?

All of our cats and kittens are a flat fee of $250. This includes all adoption costs, desexing, first vaccination and microchipping. The cost of adoptions may vary depending on the rescue group the cat is registered to or if you adopt a bonded pair.

Who do I contact if I’ve found a stray cat or kittens?

If you’ve found a stray cat or kittens you’ll need to contact the experts. Contact the Cat Protection Society or try to find a local “No kill” animal shelter to see if you can find an organisation to assist with trapping stray cats or kittens. C.A.T.S don’t accept owner surrendered cats and we do not offer trapping services. Should you wish for us to connect you with someone in your local area who may be able to help, please email and we will attempt to connect you with a rescue group.

Where do the cats and kittens come from?

Many of the cats are rescued from bad circumstances and are currently being housed with individual rescue groups. They are often staying with amazing foster families waiting patiently for their forever homes. The foster carers and rescue groups have vet treated and cared for all the cats needs while housing them in foster care. All of our cats are treated with the highest level of care to ensure they are loved and happy when they enter your home.