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Cats and kittens once adopted are the responsibility of the new owner and all ongoing vet work and medication will be provided from the adoption date by the new owners. *
An adoption trial can be organised to ensure the cat/s or kitten/s is right for you. Until the end of the adoption trial, the cat/s or kitten/s will be owned by C.A.T.S. Transfer of ownership will happen once the agreed adoption trial is complete and the fees for the discounted vet work are paid. *
If a cat or kitten is too young or underweight to be neutered at the time of adoption, the adoption will only be finalised once proof of neutering has been provided. Change of ownership will be processed once all proof has been given to C.A.T.S. *
C.A.T.S can't be responsible for unforeseen illnesses post adoption. Should an adopter wish for testing to be done for illnesses that are not visible to the naked eye at the time of adoption, the cost needs to be covered by the adopter. Medical History is always shared with new owners should there be a history to disclose. *